Wednesday, July 22, 2009


$70,000.00 settlement in case with truck company for injuries to motorist who needed no hospitalization and had medical bills under $6,000.00.

Six years of litigation culminated in settlement for client-contractor who rebuilt flood-damaged mansion. Our client got every dime of the insurance proceeds at stake. The homeowner, our opponent, was represented by a 22-lawyer Chicago firm that is nationally known for representing "victims" of "toxic mold."

$25,000 settlement for snowboarding injuries suffered in a header off a “rail” at local ski hill.

The Illinois Tollway Authority demanded $30,000 from our client for unpaid tolls and penalties. Our defense: mistaken identity. One telephone call and one letter resolved the matter. Fines and penalties paid by client: zero.

We bested the largest law firm in Oak Brook when we successfully defended a young computer consultant from overseas who was sued for violation of a non-compete agreement, unfair competition, and misappropriation of trade secrets by his former employer, a national consulting company. Their application for a preliminary injunction was denied after an evidentiary hearing of several days, which established, among other things, that the "vast sums" allegedly expended to cultivate the pertinent customer amounted to less than $130.00 for a few lunches. They appealed. The trial judge was affirmed. The opponent then threw in the towel and dropped the case.

We won a trial against a high-brow Chicago firm in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Chicago. Our client was the trustee of a $40 million debtor's estate. The defendant-opponent faced a "preference" liability of nearly $400,000.00 and had only one defense worth talking about, i.e., that the trustee had blown the statute of limitations. We established at trial that the trustee's personnel got the suit papers to the courthouse on time, and it was an employee of the court clerk's office who delayed in processing them.

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