Tuesday, October 6, 2009


by David McCarthy

Being transferred from the day shift to the night shift does not constitute sexual discriminiation.

A woman grown accustomed to the day shift quit as soon as she had been transferred to the night shift and sued for "constructive" discharge on the grounds that any reasonable person would deem the change of shift unbearable.

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed summary judgement in favor of the defendant-employer on the grounds that transfer from day shift to night shift did not constitute an "adverse employment action."

The case is noteworthy for its rejection of the sexist position of the plaintiff.

She accused her boss of preying on her "wifely instincts": He knew she would resign rather than accept transfer to the night shift because she was a dutiful wife, caregiver in the home and not the principal breadwinner.
Or so the argument went.

The Appeals Court remarked that the plaintiff -- apart from having no evidence in support of her speculations -- was attempting to build a case on the very gender stereotyping which Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was designed to eradicate from the workplace (Grube v. Lau Industries Inc. No. 00-4131, 7-19-01).

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